All Ajax clients have the right to upgrade their products to an upper models. In case your product was not suitable for your requirements or you need to upgrade to a better model you will be able to upgrade with the following conditions:

      1. You are only allowed to upgrade to an upper model.
      2. You will be requested to pay a 70% of the new required model’s price.
      3. If you purchased the owned product with any discount, then you will be requested to pay the discount value in addition to the new model’s 60% value.
      4. The owned model shouldn’t be used for more than 3 hours.
      5. Returning shipment cost for the owned model will be charge to the customer.
      6. Shipping of the new model will be free from AJAX.
      7. The owned model must be returned in its new status, if any broken or scratched parts will be returned then AJAX will recalculate the upgrade value.
      8. Exchange and upgrade must be done through AJAX sales team only, exchange through any of AJAX distributors can not be completed read more..