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Primero multi functional detection device

Primero a professional technology for detecting all kinds of precious metals, raw metals, gemstones, voids and even groundwater, with the ability to accurately know the shape, size, type and depth of the target. No more false results. . . Primero is equipped with nine detection systems that were developed and designed by Ajax engineers with creativity and precision, taking into consideration all prospectors’ needs, and supporting all types of terrains and soil through smart calibration technique. Ajax Primero is always the choice. . .

$ 11,900


Makes it visible

Everything is visible with GAMMA, regardless of the soil type and different terrains, Gamma can view golden and precious targets in addition to caves and voids directly on the device screen, which provides an interesting and beneficial search process.

$ 7,400


Time to go deeper

Intelligence, quality, Precision, efficiency, luxury, and smooth, all combined in one device. If you are searching for gold and burials in vast land and open areas that include unknown targets, then you mainly need a tool that will guide you to the location of the buried target from long distances, then to confirm the existence of the target through an accurate sound search system that can determine the depth, size and type of target!! You definitely need this professional technology to make it easier for you to reach your goals quickly and smartly.

$ 3,700


Work smart, Not hard

The Tropic detector has the advantage of absolute and accurate discrimination between the types of underground targets and showing its type and identity, and Tropic has been provided with several detection systems. You can find all this and more in this smart device that allows you to scan quickly and easily with multilingual interfaces and great flexibility in use. The all-new Tropic device from AJAX, which is equipped with the advanced discrimination system. Finding gold is now easier than ever. Find gold nuggets, precious metals and burials with unparalleled ease. Tropic also provides the ability to know the size, type and depth of the detected target with three high-accuracy EFM systems.

$ 1,900


Masterpiece of efficiency

The consideration of efficiency goes far beyond the depth concept, TROY Inspired By The Future.

$ 4,500


Turn your dreams into reality

Turn your dreams true with ALPHA! Whether you are looking for gold, silver or precious stones, ALPHA is the best choice for your prospecting needs. Knowing the target's location, depth and type is possible with TWO advanced Long-Range Detection Systems . .

$ 4,900


Don't search too long, Find fast and easily

IOTA provides you with multiple functions to start a successful treasure scan, with integrated and clear data around the targets point, which enables you to determine the depth of the detected target with great accuracy. IOTA solves the problems of all other metal detectors with new technology. With IOTA you can focus on finding treasure and not on hunting in the wrong place. The only thing you need to do is switch it on and start detecting.

$ 6,400


The diamond master

Diamond hunting used to be difficult and AJAX has made it interesting and fun, since results are guaranteed. Underground, in mountains, in volcanoes terrains no matter where it exists, the smart calibration technique will recognize it, and detecting gemstones is now possible. Electra . . . the easiest way to diamond.

$ 4,100


Finding and digging the groundwater wells is easier and more confident

Random drilling is over, whether you're a drilling contractor or landlord, it's time to save money, time, and effort with Omega Groundwater detector. In the Moroccan deserts, gulf deserts, tropical forests, Indian terrains in rainy seasons, north and south America, Europe and Africa Omega has been tested and proven its efficiency in detecting groundwater on high depths, with specifying the water type, density, and capacity. Omega is equipped with a high-tech geophysical system to measure soil resistance and to pinpoint the potential drilling point. With Omega, water scarcity no more exists. . .

$ 5,100

Ajax Bag

Compatible with: Primero, Gamma

Specially manufactured for Ajax company and one of the best weather resistant materials and can be cleaned easily, supported with a suitable safety sponge for the form of the device and accessories to protect against shock during shipping operations, equipped with calibrated straps for easy carrying on the back while on the move, the weight of the bag when Empty is up to 3 kg, and the bag dimensions are 88x52x20 cm.

$ 480