Buying Services

We at AJAX believe that the customer’s trust and gratitude for the services we provide are the primary reason for our success. Therefore, we always take care of our customers, help him, and facilitate all his needs.

Ajax offers several ways to communicate with the customer to choose the most appropriate, which are:

1- Email: Several different emails are available for all departments in order to provide the required support to customers and answer all their inquiries.

Inquire about… Email
All inquiries [email protected]
For all inquiries related to sales [email protected]
For all inquiries related support and assistance [email protected]
For all inquiries related to management [email protected]
For all maintenance inquiries [email protected]

2- Phone call: Several different numbers are available for all departments to provide the required support to customers and answer all inquiries directly.

3- Chat applications: to receive all your inquiries and questions on all messaging platforms: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and others, via the following numbers.

DepartmentPhone number
Support & Maintenance+905550122266

4- Chat via the website: We have provided our website with direct messaging technology while browsing it to help all customers and answer their inquiries by clicking the icon on the left side of the website and writing the question or leaving the phone number or email so that the support team can answer it as quickly as possible.

5- Direct purchase: After urgent and many requests, and in response to the desire of our customers, Ajax opened a main sales center, in order to buy directly from the company. The city of Istanbul in Turkey was chosen to be Ajax’s main sales department, due to its important strategic location between the continents of (Asia, Europe, and Africa), so Ajax can be close to all its customers around the world.

Ajax also offers a transportation service to and from the airport and a one-night stay in one of Istanbul’s distinguished hotels, so you can buy your device and enjoy Istanbul city which is one of the most important Tourist cities in the world.

Purchase Methods

After contacting us on one of the contact numbers and choosing the appropriate device, the purchasing process begins, and we at AJAX offer several ways to facilitate the purchasing process for the customer, which are:

  • Bank transfer.
  • Online purchase: You can place a direct online purchase order through the AJAX website by adding the device to the cart and completing the purchase process by filling out the required personal information and detailed shipping address in addition to bank card information, whether Visa Card or Master Card.
  • International money transfer companies: The customer can also transfer the amount through one of the International money transfer companies, Western Union, Ria Transfer, and others.
  • Cash payment at the company’s main sales office: The customer can also visit the company’s sales center in Istanbul to pay in cash, and our team will deliver the device by hand or ship it to anywhere in the world.

Shipping Services

We provide the customer with a fast and safe shipping service to all countries of the world through the best international shipping companies, and we guarantee that the device reaches the customer quickly and safely, to his address without any delay.
Shipping generally takes from (2 to 5) business days, and after shipping, a tracking number will be sent to the customer to be able to track the location of the shipment, moment by moment.

Maintenance Services

Ajax Company provides a two-year warranty on all its devices. The warranty includes repair of technical errors and does not include damage resulting from misuse of the device. The maintenance process is completely free during the warranty period stipulated in the attached warranty sheet.

If the device had any technical problem, the customer must immediately contact us, either by filling out an online maintenance request on the AJAX website via the following link:
Or by contacting us on the following number: +90 555 012 22 66

The customer must send a clear and complete video of the problem with the device, in addition to the device’s serial number, and the maintenance team will provide technical support and appropriate solutions as quickly as possible.