The best 3D ground scanner detectors

We have addressed all the complexities and difficulties in our 3D ground imaging systems. Our system provides you with easy and smooth control that anyone can use and handle with ease.

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Hydro Tracker

Finding underground water has become easier to find

Finding groundwater has become easier and more reliable, as Hydro Tracker features comprehensive and integrated search systems that give the user confidence and accuracy in results. Hydro Tracker device is equipped with a special unit to purify the signal, measure soil temperature and humidity, and send it to a high-performance data processor that gives the device the ability to complete the search process with accurate results at high speed.

$ 7,400


Primero multi functional detection device

Primero a professional technology for detecting all kinds of precious metals, raw metals, gemstones, voids and even groundwater, with the ability to accurately know the shape, size, type and depth of the target. No more false results. Primero is equipped with nine detection systems that were developed and designed by Ajax engineers with creativity and precision, taking into consideration all prospectors’ needs, and supporting all types of terrains and soil through smart calibration technique. Ajax Primero is always the choice.

$ 11,900


Makes it visible

Everything is visible with GAMMA, regardless of the soil type and different terrains. Gamma can view golden and precious targets in addition to caves and voids directly on the device screen, which provides an interesting and beneficial search process.

$ 7,400


Masterpiece of efficiency

The consideration of efficiency goes far beyond the depth concept, TROY inspiré par le futur. TROY provides precise measurements of target shape, size, type, and depth.

Original price was: $ 4,500.Current price is: $ 4,200.