Diamond detectors, are specialized instruments designed to detect the presence of diamonds in various geological settings. These detectors employ specific technologies and features to identify the unique electromagnetic properties and characteristics of diamonds.

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Primero multi functional detection device

Primero a professional technology for detecting all kinds of precious metals, raw metals, gemstones, voids and even groundwater, with the ability to accurately know the shape, size, type and depth of the target. No more false results. Primero is equipped with nine detection systems that were developed and designed by Ajax engineers with creativity and precision, taking into consideration all prospectors’ needs, and supporting all types of terrains and soil through smart calibration technique. Ajax Primero is always the choice.

$ 11,900


Time to go deeper

Ares metal detector Intelligence, quality, Precision, efficiency, luxury, and smooth, all combined in one device. If you are searching for gold and burials in vast land and open areas that include unknown targets, then you mainly need a tool that will guide you to the location of the buried target from long distances, then to confirm the existence of the target through an accurate sound search system that can determine the depth, size and type of target!! You definitely need this professional technology to make it easier for you to reach your goals quickly and smartly.

$ 3,700


Turn your dreams into reality

Turn your dreams into reality with ALPHA! Whether you are looking for gold, silver or precious stones, ALPHA is the best choice for your prospecting needs. Knowing the target's location, depth and type is possible with TWO advanced Long-Range Detection Systems.

Original price was: $ 4,900.Current price is: $ 3,500.


The diamond master

Diamond hunting used to be difficult and AJAX has made it interesting and fun, since results are guaranteed. Underground, in mountains, in volcanoes terrains no matter where it exists, the smart calibration technique will recognize it, and detecting gemstones is now possible. Electra the easiest way to diamond.

$ 4,100