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Ajax Mini Bag

Compatible with: Troy, Tropic, Ares, Alpha, Iota, Electra, Omega

Specially manufactured for Ajax company and one of the best weather resistant materials and can be cleaned easily, supported with a suitable safety sponge for the form of the device and accessories to protect against shock during shipping operations, equipped with calibrated straps for easy carrying on the back while on the move.

Tropic Stick

Compatible with: Tropic

The upper part length is (64.5 cm long) and the bottom part length is (80.5 cm long) and its diameter 25 mm. Manufactured of a lightweight carbon fiber resistant to breakage. The upper part contains the armrest and two jaws to hold the main unit, and a lock to install the lower tube (elongation column) to determine its appropriate length, the total weight is about 300 g.

$ 310

Tropic EFM Coil

Compatible with: Tropic

A medium-sized disk connects to the device to search for specific type of targets. dimensions 35x35x5 cm, and weight is about 800 g, its plastic shell is made of break-resistant and scratch-resistant ABS material.

$ 520

Ajax Powerbank

Compatible with: all detectors

Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery Voltage: 12.6V Battery Capacity: 30000 mAh Device ports: 5V 2A USB / 12v DC jack for AJAX Products Charger: 15V 1.2A Charging time: 4.5 hours.

$ 520

Ajax Charger

Compatible with: all detectors

Power supply / power input 240-100 V AC, power output 15 V 1.2A.

$ 140

Car Charger

Compatible with: all detectors

Fast and speed car charger adapter is compatible with all AJAX products and it is guaranteed with one year warranty.

$ 130


Compatible with: all detectors

Dynamic, closed-ear headphones with up to 32 dB attenuation of outside sound. Lightweight and comfortable, ergonomic design. Extended frequency response and warm, natural sound reproduction. Connectivity technology : Wired

$ 85